Cenegenics Beverly Hills

8383 Wilshire Blvd #315
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Age Management & Hormone Replacement Center

Cenegenics Elite Health is a private pay, concierge medical program that provides you personalized, proactive age management programs that maximize health, vitality and wellness throughout life. These programs are crafted by our highly trained team based on our patient's goals, current health status and results of the Elite Health Evaluation.

guy runningThe cornerstones of our programs are low glycemic nutrition, appropriate exercise, directed nutritional supplementation, along with the correction of metabolic and hormonal deficiencies that commonly accompany the aging process. Our patients comment that they look and feel better than they have in years. Our primary goal, however, is to keep our patients at the lowest possible risk for chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis and cancer. We strive to prevent illness and promote better health and wellness.

The Cenegenics approach to the science of age management has been shown to decrease the risk of age-related disease, increase physical and sexual vitality, improve sleep quality, increase muscle tone, decrease body fat and sharpen mental acuity. Our personalized Elite Health Programs are built on evidence-based, cutting-edge science to help you achieve peak vitality at any age. For an on-site visit please make an appointment. Learn More